Tajik Delegation Attends Working Meeting of the Paris Pact Consultative Group

16 декабря, 2021 08:54

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DUSHANBE, 16.12.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Led by the Director of the Drug Control Agency Habibullo Vohidzoda, the Tajik delegation is taking part in the working meeting of the Paris Pact Consultative Group.

Initiated by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the meeting began yesterday in Moscow.

Vohidzoda spoke about the Strategic Review on the latest trends, routes and methods of trafficking of opium-based drugs coming from Afghanistan.

He touched upon the situation in the region, the problems of illicit drug trafficking and measures to strengthen regional cooperation to prevent illegal drug trafficking from the territory of Afghanistan.

Vohidzoda noted that Tajikistan being well aware of the concern of the world community with the growth of transnational organized crime, terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking and its danger to the socio-economic foundations and health of mankind, takes all the necessary measures in a timely and effective manner to eliminate these negative phenomena.

The decisions of the government of Tajikistan aimed at combating this negative phenomenon have been repeatedly declared at all levels, including from the high rostrum of the United Nations.

As part of the meeting, Vohidzoda met with the Senior Coordinator of the UNODC Regional Program.

The meeting focused on issues of fruitful cooperation, including assistance to the agency in the fight against drug trafficking within the framework of the program.

16 декабря, 2021 08:54

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