Unstable Weather to Continue in Tajikistan

18 января, 2022 15:28

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DUSHANBE, 18.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Unstable weather will continue in Tajikistan on January 19. It will rain in the valleys, and precipitation, including snow, will be heavy in mountainous areas, reports the Agency for Hydrometeorology of Tajikistan.

Fog is expected in some areas from January 18 through January 23.

From January 19 through January 20 on the highways Dushanbe — Chanak, Dushanbe — Lakhsh, Dushanbe — Rasht, Dushanbe — Sangvor, Shamsiddin Shohin — Darvoz, Vanj — Khorug, Khorug — Ishkoshim — Murghob ice and avalanches is expected.

The Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense asks citizens to refrain from using these roads and to postpone agricultural work, grazing, logging and hunting in mountainous areas.

18 января, 2022 15:28

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