National Museum Will Host an Exhibition of Navruz Themed Works by Tajik Artists

15 марта, 2022 08:23

DUSHANBE, 15.03.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – In honor of the upcoming Navruz holiday, today an exhibition entitled “Navruz Holiday in the Works of Artists of Tajikistan” opened at the National Museum, which will present images of Navruz in works of art, in kundals and wood carvings.

According to the head of the excursion and mass department of the National Museum Faridun Kenjaev, the museum holds this exhibition annually. This year’s exhibition is completely different from previous years.

He noted that during previous exhibitions, visitors were presented with historical and cultural works that the National Museum acquired during the year through purchases, gifts or as a result of archaeological excavations by the museum staff.

Also today, per National Museum’s initiative in collaboration with the Movement of National Unity and Revival of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Culture and Office of Dushanbe Chairman, a round table called Navruz — the Greatest Tradition of Unity will be held with the participation of representatives of relevant ministries and departments, scientists, writers, and students.

The museum has 22 exhibition halls. Four showcase nature, ancient and medieval history, modern and recent history, fine and applied arts.
The National Museum also has a special hall where gifts from other countries are exhibited.

15 марта, 2022 08:23

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