SITUATION IN RUSHON IS CURRENTLY STABLE: Ministry of Internal Affairs Reports

18 мая, 2022 14:55

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DUSHANBE, 18.05.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Organized criminal groups in Rushon district of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, under the leadership and financing of international extremist and terrorist organizations, with the aim of violating state security, undermining the foundations of constitutional order, hindering the activities of law enforcement agencies, and intimidating the population, using weapons and ammunition, as well as flammable substances such as Molotov cocktails attacked a convoy of vehicles of a special anti-terrorist unit of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan. As a result, one officer was killed, 13 servicemen were seriously injured, reports the Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The report reads:

“Organized criminal groups, consisting of 200 people, using all types of weapons in the center of the Rushon at three points blocked the Dushanbe-Khorug highway and the road to the border commandant’s office.

The criminal groups had been preparing to commit these acts and had delivered weapons and ammunition from abroad for this purpose.

Every conscientious resident of the region witnessed that repeated warnings of law enforcement agencies at meetings, in conversations with the public, appeals made through the media about the voluntary surrender of firearms, the renunciation of armed resistance against the constitutional structures of the country were ignored by criminal groups.

As a result, they switched to committing crimes of a terrorist nature.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens and public order, law enforcement agencies of the country launched an anti-terrorist operation. As a result, eight militants were neutralized, 11 have were injured, and more than 70 active members of the terrorist group were detained.

There were no casualties among civilians.

A large number of weapons and ammunition and Molotov cocktails were confiscated from the organized criminal groups.

The regional prosecutor’s office has consequently initiated a criminal case. An investigation is underway.

The situation in the district is currently stable. Social infrastructure and public transportation have resumed normal operation.

The rest of the members of the organized criminal groups have the opportunity to voluntarily surrender themselves to law enforcement agencies. Tomorrow will be too late.

Local residents are respectfully asked to assist law enforcement agencies to ensure public order, safety of citizens, social infrastructure, activating the route of international transport, preventing all types of violations and finally, the stability of society.

Only statehood and law are the basis for security and development of society. We carry out this sacred duty in close and successful joint work with the residents of the region. We will put an end to the activities of all organized armed groups of drug traffickers. There is no other way.”

18 мая, 2022 14:55

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