Knowledge Day Celebrated at the Dushanbe International School

1 сентября, 2022 13:27

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DUSHANBE, 01.09.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Today, the new 2022-2023 academic year began in Tajikistan and long with other educational institutions, the Dushanbe International School celebrated Knowledge Day.

According to its Director Yunus Emre, this year 72 children came enrolled in first grade.

“For this group of children who are attending school for the first time, we are providing all the conditions for their adaptation, that is, a separate corridor and special infrastructure. A special educational plan has been prepared for them according to which, along with studying, they are also engaged in practice,” he said.

This school employs experienced local and foreign teachers.

According to Emre, almost 430 students are enrolled in the school.

“The Dushanbe International School is the first international school in Tajikistan with Cambridge accreditation. Our school is a member of international institutions and the University of Cambridge, so our founder tries to make it equal to other international institutions abroad. We plan to send our students abroad to exchange experiences and learn foreign languages. There are training centers in our institution, the quality of which will continue to improve,” said Emre.

1 сентября, 2022 13:27

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