22 сентября, 2022 18:42

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DUSHANBE, 22.09.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Naturally, every nation has memorable and important events and dates in its past history from which it can draw lessons.

Especially, for several days now, every patriotic, self-conscious and cultural representative of the Tajik nation has been experiencing the painful moments of recent events on the border with Kyrgyzstan, which are very difficult for a healthy and sane nation to describe in words.

Kyrgyzs should not forget that this paradise-like land, Tajikistan, gave birth to great people who at one time defended the nation from the raids of various peoples and tribes thanks to their strong will, wisdom, reason, knowledge, virtue, worldview, and courage. Due to the observance and recognition of universal norms of society and international organizations, their position has always and in all eras caused respect, reverence, praise, and appreciation from other peoples and nations.

The history of mankind testifies that how the ambitious Tajik nation is privileged in terms of civilization, culture, identity, values, traditions, courage, humanity and other features of statehood.

Thanks to the God Almighty, even today, the civilized Tajik people, under the leadership of President Emomali Rahmon, are the heir to such outstanding historical figures of their people with their peace-seeking and constructive policies.

The staging and instigation by the interested groups of Kyrgyzstan, especially their current leadership from the tribunes of influential international organizations and other social networks regarding the insidious and treacherous aggression of the military personnel of the neighboring country under the leadership of illiterate, short-sighted, inexperienced, greedy, and ambitious persons on the border of a neighboring country is a sign of ignorance and cruelty of this tribe.

It was in these difficult days that the President of Tajikistan paid tribute to the eternal wisdom of the people, tolerance, and the firm and courageous will of the Tajik nation, and in these sensitive moments he thinks about every person of the Motherland, takes all wise and prudent measures in the name of protecting the borders of the land and peaceful life of its residents.

Additionally, relying on the belief in sacred values, and more and more on the bright pages of the history of the nation, the heroism and sincerity of our ancestors, he proves that due to the observance of the generally accepted norms of all peoples of the world community on any path of patriotism and love for the Motherland, humane thoughts are correct and successful, and most importantly, the name of the independent Tajik people in the history of mankind will forever be written in golden letters under the far-sighted and tireless policy of the Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon.

Therefore, the appeals and recommendations of the glorious people of Tajikistan to the citizens of Kyrgyzstan are that they choose the right time to be distracted from other works to study the history and destinies of the Tajik people, prominent figures, national pride, the heritage of the great writers of this people and the unity of the people of Tajikistan around President Emomali Rahmon, think about the future fate of their people and refrain from any kind of pre-planned tragic actions, provocations and other reprehensible actions.

As one of the great sons of the Tajik people Mawlana Jaloliddin Balkhii Rumi edified:

Think a hundred times before you do or say anything.

Shermuhammad Rahim

Photo from open sources

22 сентября, 2022 18:42

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