Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan goes to minus

July 15, 2015 17:47

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Dushanbe, 15.07.2015. (NIAT «Khovar»). «Islam» in Arabic means «peace, humility, patience, calmness». The key concepts in recent speeches of IRPT Chairman M. Kabiri also become «peace and tolerance», which he puts in merit of local Islamists. In the context of the activity of this party, fairly to change them by «indifference, inertness and carelessness» with which members of the IRPT relate to world events. By the assurance of M. Kabiri, for him and for the party the main thing – the society and the responsibility before God, before the people, before their conscience. Conscience seems to be asleep. The leader of the Islamists emphasizes that «the problem of the Muslim world is to fight with radicals». But he does not fight. Or no longer feels part of the Muslim world? «Everyone is busy combating Islamic extremism», – continues Kabiri. All, except himself.

Lately the head of the IRPT and its political council has made a lot of public, official statements regarding their own interests. None of them was devoted to the analysis of the situation, developed around the «Islamic state» and its consequences for the reputation and the fate of the Muslim religion. Such «accidental» or deliberate silence of IRPT on the current topic rightly to consider as a sign of consent, loyalty and unanimity with extremist organizations militants of the Islamic state. According to the principles: «one hand washes » and in all «blind eye».

Every day the world will know about the latest atrocities committed by the jihadists of brutal mass executions, seizures of prisoners, terrorist attacks, and condemns them. During the fighting actions were killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, among them women and children. Several million people have become refugees. Without attention and response of the IRP remained the mass violence of radical Islamists who attacked a military base, captured and shot about fifteen hundred cadets of the College of the air force of Iraq. They have not commented on the criminal situation, when the «IS» uses as militants the teenagers and young children, destroyed the monuments of world civilization. By the side of IRPT in this regard should be only a friendly silence. In the recent speeches of M. Kabiri also no words of concern and condemnation in respect of citizens of Tajikistan, by truth or by untruth got into the ranks of the militants of the Islamic state. He stated this fact without offering any preventive and countermeasures in the fight against negative phenomena. But it is his ideological patrimony. Unknown the reaction of the head of the IRPT on active actions of local law enforcement agencies in the identification, apprehension and opening of 370 criminal cases against 394 citizens of Tajikistan who participate and recruited for military operations in foreign countries. From the IRPT has not followed any comment regarding changes in the Law «On citizenship», whereby Tajiks fighting in the composition of terrorist organizations abroad, are automatically deprived of the citizenship of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Recognition of the current leader of the IRPT, concerning S. A. Nuri, has fallen significantly, and hardly anyone perceives statements of half-soviet boss seriously. But M. Kabiri, occupied especially with organizational, financial and personal problems, could, at least, take attempts to return, convert potential followers. As the parliamentary elections of 2015 showed, the IRPT is at the peak of its unpopularity. Six months ago it was supported by only 1.6% of the population. Now, due to the threat of the «IS» and Taliban, the authority of the local Islamists in the population who survived the civil war, has dropped even more. Youth of IRPT leaving without a real leader (in the ideological and geographical sense), begins to openly sympathize the «IS». It is clear that most of the mercenaries of the «IS» is not atheist or members of soviet political movements. M. Kabiri has recognized that «Islamic youth are already do not listen the IRPT and its leader». Young Islamists have increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with the course of secularization, inertness and vagueness, conducted by M. Kabiri. He calls himself a «soviet religious figure» paying tribute and yours, and ours. The position of double standards is characteristical for this leader. On the one side, he is boycotting the celebration of national unity, celebrated on the day of the signing of the General peace agreement. On the other, on behalf of the UTO appeals to the international community for support. If S. A. Nuri united the opposition under his leadership, M. Kabiri quarreled with his colleagues, accusing the opposition in demagogy and giving empty promises.

Regional groups of IRPT gradually self dissolved. Its massively leaving the former members and new ones join in no hurry. Here is the beginning of prevail dissatisfaction of not external but inter-party factors. The IRPT goes to minus: the number of quitting exceeded significantly 50 newly enrolled people. By law, if a political party has cells in 50% of the administrative centers, the Supreme Court may raise the issue of its failure. M. Kabiri honestly recognizes that «to me every day becomes harder to lead the party, to control people’s emotions».

Uncontrolled organization, holding on emotions is the ready bomb to explode at any moment. 26% of five hundred senior officials of the party in opposition to the state would prefer to protest. For the year, the growth of protest moods, radical Islamists have grown more than five times. This is alarming that usually the Islamists protest with weapons in their hands. In the last statement of the IRPT political council notes the right to «continue the struggle» that in historical and contemporary context sounds like a direct threat and solidarity with the extremist forces.

July 15, 2015 17:47

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