Meeting Dedicated to Independence Day Held in Dushanbe

9 сентября, 2019 08:58

DUSHANBE, 09.09.2019. (NIAT Khovar) — A meeting in honor of the 28th anniversary of state independence was held in the Office of Dushanbe’s Chairman.

The leadership and employees of the Office of Dushanbe’s Chairman, representatives of the State Service Agency under the President of Tajikistan and other republican and city departments attended the meeting, reported the Department of Public Information and External Affairs of the Chairman’s Office.

The Head of the Chairman’s Office read out to the participants the Chairman’s congratulation Rustam Emomali on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of Tajikistan’s independence.

The meeting participants spoke about the essence of state independence, freedom, highest values, the formation of the constitutional system, respect for state symbols, the role of the president in strengthening national statehood, developing the national economy, implementing four strategic goals, as well as about the unique achievements of the country’s state independence.

It was noted that independence and sovereignty of the national state, which were achieved after many years of struggle and the labors of our freedom-loving people, set a very responsible historical task for the people.

Independence for the ancient Tajik people is a sacred and fateful value, and under its banner, old and young people work with a patriotic impulse in the name of strengthening the foundations of the new statehood in order to achieve the country’s strategic goals.

Over the years of independence, thanks to the wise policy of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, comprehensive reforms have been stepped up in various spheres of society and the state, creation and improvement work, — construction and renovation of industrial and social infrastructures, energy facilities, roads, transport and other creative initiatives.

Currently, thanks to the selfless work and efforts of our people under the leadership of the President Emomali Rahmon, three national strategic goals, — ensuring energy independence, breaking the communication deadlock and protecting food security are approaching their final phase. The fourth national goal, the accelerated industrialization of the country, is in full force.

Our free and sovereign state takes a worthy position in the international arena. The world community comprehensively supports the peace-loving and creative initiatives of our state.

The support of the world community of the initiatives of the President of Tajikistan on water issues testifies to the recognition of our country throughout the world.

Tajikistan’s fourth initiative to address one of humanity’s most serious problems entitled the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Sustainable Development, 2018–2028,’ which was launched by the United Nations last year, will be implemented over the next ten years on a global scale.

9 сентября, 2019 08:58

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