An Exhibition on Tajikistan’s Water Initiative Takes Place in Bokhtar

15 октября, 2019 10:33

DUSHANBE, 15.10.2019 (NIAT Khovar) – An exhibition titled “The image of water in the works of artists of Tajikistan” is being held at the Khatlon Regional History Museum from October 10 through October 30.

The exhibition is dedicated to the International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028.»

Twenty five paintings by Tajik artists, including K. Khushvakhtov, Z. Habibulloev, V. Boborykina, I. Volynsky, Z. Dovudov, A. Haidarov, Y. Taldygina, Y. Mamadkulov, B. Odinaev, which were painted in different years, will be displayed for viewing.

“These paintings can only be admired. Seeing the beautiful corners of our native country and its delightful landscape with flowing rivers, streams and blue lakes each of us should think and actively act in order to preserve and increase this natural wealth for future generations,” said the Deputy Chairman of Khatlon Makhfirat Khidirzoda.

The visitors will also be able to see the film ‘Tajikistan — a country of flowing waters.’

15 октября, 2019 10:33

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