Rafoat Shoazimova Wins a Prize at the Asti Film Festival in Italy

31 мая, 2021 11:46

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DUSHANBE, 31.05.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Tajik actress Rafoat Shoazimova won the Best Actress award for her role in the film Provincial Dreamers at the Asti Film Festival in Italy.

“The whole family was excitedly watching the live broadcast of the awards ceremony. It was a pleasure to see the wonderful world-class actor Thomas Aran at the Film Festival, who was awarded the Special Award for Excellence in Film. He is known for the legendary films Gladiator, The Bodyguard. After some time, the winners of the international feature film competition were announced, where Rafoat Shoazimova was announced in the Best Actress nomination,” said the Director of the film Rumi Shoazimov.

The director of the film expressed gratitude to the government of Tajikistan, with the support of which the film was made, to the Russian promotion company CinePromo, as well as to everyone who worked on the film.

This is not the first international award for this film.

31 мая, 2021 11:46

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