Indian Craftsmen Will Visit Tajikistan

4 декабря, 2019 16:43

DUSHANBE, 04.12.2019 (NIAT Khovar) – A new Center for Crafts Development and Tourism opened in Dushanbe.

The main goal of center is to expand the opportunities for craftswomen, create jobs, improve the quality and cost of craft products, sell craft products not only in the domestic but also in the foreign markets, said its Director Nigina Ikromi.

The center will hold thematic courses and master classes for craftsmen, will provide a workspace for the craftsmen and a hall for the sale of finished products.

“Currently, we are actively cooperating with craftsmen from the country’s cities and districts, as well as with travel agencies. Our task is also to combine these two areas. We organize workshops of our craftsmen for visiting tourists, which allows them to practically get in touch with our culture and traditions,” noted Ikromi.

Additionally, the center organizes events for the exchange of experience of domestic and foreign craftsmen. Thus, in the second half of December, Indian craftsmen will visit Tajikistan in order to share the experience in the ancient traditional technique of drawing a patterns on fabrics.

4 декабря, 2019 16:43

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