Achievements of Tajikistan in the Field of Human Rights Assessed in Switzerland

18 июля, 2022 15:21

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DUSHANBE, 18.07.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – As part of a working trip to the Swiss Confederation, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Tajikistan Umed Bobozoda met with the head of the Human Rights Department of the State Secretariat of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Janie Piaget.

Bobozoda assessed the achievements of Tajikistan in the field of human rights and expressed his opinion on the organization and activities of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Tajikistan.

Along with this, the meeting focused on the human rights in Tajikistan in various areas and strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of human rights.

The goal of the working trip is to strengthen cooperation with the relevant structures of the UN, as well as to hold useful meetings and discussions with responsible persons for human rights of the Swiss Confederation.

18 июля, 2022 15:21

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