In Pakistan arrested a heroine of the world famous cover of National Geographic

27 октября, 2016 15:25

Dushanbe, 27.10.2016. /NIAT «Khovar»/. A refugee from Afghanistan, Sharbat Gula (Sharbat Gula), known as the heroine of the picture «Afghan girl» cover of National Geographic, was arrested in Pakistan. As reported on Wednesday, October 26, Khybernews TV channel, law enforcement authorities believe that she lived in the country on a false passport.

According to official data, Sharbat Bibi (nee Gul) was arrested in Peshawar, where, according to the Federal investigation Department (Federal Investigation Agency) of the country, resided illegally after fleeing from his native country. The officer issued the woman identity card, was arrested, but released on bail.

Sharbat Gula born in 1972 (according to her, the exact date she does not know). It is a photo made by American Steven McCurry in a camp for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, was published on the cover of National Geographic in July 1985. After that, the were widely used in posters and calendars of Amnesty International.

The name of the heroine of the picture for a long time remained unknown, it was called simply «the Afghan girl» or the «Afghan Mona Lisa». The photographer and the team of reporters was able to find it in 2002 (the identity was confirmed by iris scan). Then was the material, telling about her life and the series of images adult Drones, including children’s picture, in my hands. The place of her residence was not disclosed, said only that it is near the Afghan-Pakistan border.

27 октября, 2016 15:25

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