We Added a New Section Called Book — Source of Knowledge

5 января, 2019 12:59

DUSHANBE, 05.01.2019 (NIAT Khovar) – We have opened a new section to our website called Book – Source of Knowledge. The section is created to attract the younger generation to reading.

The section will feature interesting new books, works of Tajik authors and other representatives of the world of literature, library events, as well as statements by prominent figures in the fields of science and culture, famous personalities, specialists and experts writing about the importance of books in life and society.

The written text is not only a source of knowledge and scientific discovery, butalso a storehouse ofideas, thoughts and cultural heritage accumulated during millennia. The book was and still remains the most important educator.

“Everything which is good in me should be credited to books,” said Maksim Gorky.

As we consider it important to read the great classics and works of modern writers, the section will be continually promoting a reading culture.

5 января, 2019 12:59

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