Tajikistan Intends to Establish Trade and Economic Cooperation with Schleswig-Holstein

13 января, 2020 16:58

DUSHANBE, 13.01.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany Sohibnazar Gayratsho visited the North German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Tajik Ambassador met with the Minister of Economy, Transport, Technology and Tourism of this region Bernd Buchholz in order to discuss the establishment of trade and economic cooperation between Tajikistan and the Northern regions of Germany, reported the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sohibnazar also held a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce of the cities of Lubeck and Kiel.

While considering the moderate price of electricity, the need to process agricultural products, the availability of inexpensive labor and a favorable investment climate, the parties exchanged views on the possibility of introducing modern technical achievements of Germany in the process of industrialization, the use of existing infrastructure and training.

13 января, 2020 16:58

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