Election Commission’s Experts Hold Meetings on Presidential Election

28 августа, 2020 16:06

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DUSHANBE, 28.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – A constructive meeting regarding the upcoming presidential meeting was held today with the participation of experts of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER), teachers, and students of the Academy of Public Administration.

The meeting was attended by the Academy Rector Abdukhalil Ghafurzoda, Doctor of Law, Professor, CCER’s Deputy Chairman Abdujabbor Qodirzoda, Dean of Diplomacy and Politics Faculty, CCER expert Daler Kodirzoda, who spoke about the essence and necessity of the presidential election and the role of each voter.

Ghafurzoda noted that the elections are the highest direct expression of the people’s power through the free and voluntary expression of the will of the electorate, and one of the important tasks of the state is to hold them in a democratic, free and transparent manner.

“The presidential election is regulated as an important political campaign within the framework of the Constitution and the electoral legislation. The Constitutional Law ‘On Presidential Elections’ was adopted in order to legally regulate this process. The strong legal framework in this area allows the campaign to be conducted at a high organizational and political level,” added Ghafurzoda.

A similar meeting was also held at the Statistical Agency.

During the meeting, Kodirzoda spoke about the essence and necessity of the October presidential election.

28 августа, 2020 16:06

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