Physics and Technology Institute of Tajikistan Will Hold an International Conference

29 сентября, 2020 14:10

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DUSHANBE, 29.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The 7th International Conference Modern Problems of Physics will be held on October 9-10 at the S. Umarov Physics and Technology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.

While considering the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scientific and organizing committee introduced certain adjustments: remote systems for presentations and discussions, and an additional section Medical and Biological Physics.

More than 100 scientific reports, of which more than 30 are from research institutes and universities of the CIS member states, the United States and other foreign countries will be discussed.

According to the director of the S. Umarov Physics and Technology Institute Farhod Shokir, the reports received are devoted to the problems of plasma physics, semiconductor physics, theoretical physics, radiation monitoring of the area, analysis of food for the presence of harmful elements, problems of climate change, the development of nanocomposite materials, renewable and unconventional energy sources, crystallography, novel coronavirus infection COVID-19, and superconductivity physics.

“The organizing committee of the conference consists of more than 40 scientists and specialists, including representatives from Great Britain, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, US, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, we must seize every opportunity to ensure continued research and development. However, due to the current circumstances, we could not invite scientists to present their finding in person,” Shokir noted.

According to him, the nature of science does not tolerate pause, since every day of downtime in the process of scientific research leads to the loss of several additional days necessary for recovery. Following the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of materials, the best reports of scientific research works of foreign participants, where new scientific achievements and practical innovative developments have been obtained, will be recommended for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific journal NAST’s Izvestia.

29 сентября, 2020 14:10

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