President Emomali Rahmon Presented State Awards

4 сентября, 2020 11:44

DUSHANBE, 04.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon awarded higher military titles and class ranks to law enforcement officers and military service personnel. The ceremony took place in the Palace on the Nation to mark the 29th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.

President Rahmon presented the 2020 National Awards for outstanding achievements in ensuring the safety of citizens and the protection of the constitutional rights, the maintenance of public order and fight against crime as well as courageous and self-sacrificing service.

President Rahmon signed executive orders conferring 13 individuals, including one Colonel General of Justice, one Lieutenant General of the Tajikistan Guard, four Major Generals, One Major General of Justice, two third degree justice state advisers, One Major General of Militia, three Major General of the Customs Service.

By other presidential executive orders, a group of law enforcement officials, and the judiciary and military service personnel were also awarded orders, medals and certificates of honor.

President Rahmon congratulated the audience with the upcoming 29th anniversary of independence and emphasized that Tajikistan has been prospering yearly due to moral and honest efforts of the creative people of Tajikistan, and the living standards have been steadily improving.

“The leadership of the state and the government appreciates the faithful service of officers and their roles in strengthening the stability and security of society and increasing the pillars of the new Tajik statehood,” said he.
He also emphasized that from September 1, in order to increase the income and the living standards of the law enforcement officers and military personnel their salaries will also be increased.

President Rahmon expressed his confidence that military service personnel will continue to proudly and faithfully fulfill their sacred duty and mission to protect, the homeland and its glorious people.

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4 сентября, 2020 11:44

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