Working Trip of Leader of our Nation to Vakhsh District of Khatlon Province

23 сентября, 2020 13:22

DUSHANBE, 23.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in Vakhsh district, where he took part in the launch of motor traffic of the Kirov motorway and commissioned the Vakhsh Entrance Gate. A new 12 km highway that meets international requirements was built in the amount of TJK 12 million.

There he also attended the opening ceremony of the Bahor Service Center, the unveiling ceremony of the National Flag Square with 52 meters high-flagpole built by financial assistance of domestic entrepreneur, respectively as well as the two-storey administrative building of the Executive Committee of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan in Vakhsh district.

In addition, the head of state Emomali Rahmon met with 91 orphans and children from vulnerable families of Vakhsh, Kushoniyon, Panj and Jaihun districts of Khatlon Province and handed them cash assistance and clothes.

The opening ceremony for the Ruhafzo Health Diagnostic and Medical Clinic which was financed and built by local businessmen, which in turn was followed by a commissioning ceremony of the Avicenna Clinical Hospital in the “20 solagii istiqloliyati Tojikiston” community.

The Avicenna Clinical Hospital has been equipped with medical devices and equipment; it will employ more than 40 doctors and medical personnel.

While viewing the conditions created at the health center and during a cordial meeting with its medical staff, the head of state Emomali Rahmon laid the foundation stone for the construction of a high-rise residential building for teachers of Bokhtar Medical College and doctors and medical personnel of the Avicenna Clinical Hospital.

In addition, President Emomali Rahmon inaugurated Oftobak Cultural Complex that occupies an area of 1.100 square meters, built by initiative of domestic entrepreneur Kurbonali Yusupov within the framework of the Period of rural development, tourism and folk crafts.

The head of state also visited Exhibition showcasing different agricultural products and Food Processing Industries. Currently, there are more than 6540 farms in Vakhsh district covering 16.815 hectares of agricultural land.

According to statistics, over the past eight months of 2020, the district farmers have produced 28.255 tons of grain, 8.423 tons of potatoes, 57.797 tons of vegetables, 39.339 tons of melons, 2.602 tons of fruits, 3.615 tons of grapes, 3.725 tons of meat, 11.406 tons of milk, 1.510.000 pieces of eggs and 21 tons of healthy honey. The exports of agricultural products have amounted to over 4,232 tons, 276 tons more compared to 2019.

There are 22 industrial enterprises operating in the district, while the volume of industrial output for the past eight months of 2020 has reached over TJK 78 million.

After visiting Kulob farm involved in seeding cotton and holding talks with its farmers and handing them gift assistance, the head of state Emomali Rahmon met with leadership and representatives of public of the Vakhsh district. The socio-economic development in the region was the main item on the agenda.

During his speech before public representatives, President Emomali Rahmon noted that during the period of independence, more than TJK 338 million were allocated from the national budget to achieve a sustainable socio-economic development of the Vakhsh district.

“To date, 20 public investment projects worth more than TJK 338 million were implemented in the district for the creation of social facilities, strengthening the Social Protection System, development of electric power networks infrastructure and supporting the agriculture. TJK 18 million have been disbursed from this amount so far” – pointed out President Emomali Rahmon.

He also pointed out that the infrastructure and landscaping activities are steadily continuing in the districts to ensure decent celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s state independence. In accordance with the approved action plan, there are plans to construct 342 jubilee facilities in the districts, of which 215 facilities have been commissioned worth TJK 45 million.

“During the period of independence, 41 new buildings of educational institutions with 85 000 seats were built and put into operation in the district from funding sources” – added Emomali Rahmon.

Concluding his speech, President Emomali Rahmon emphasized that leaders and honorable entrepreneurs, glorious and hard-working people of Vakhsh district, as always, will support the constructive policy of the Government and will take all necessary measures to beautify this corner of our beloved Motherland and will celebrate the great sacred national holiday — the 30th anniversary of State Independence with an ardent sense of patriotism.

23 сентября, 2020 13:22

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