Director of Astrophysics Institute Wins Commonwealth Stars Award

12 мая, 2021 10:07

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DUSHANBE, 12.05.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Director of Astrophysics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Gulchehra Kohirova won the annual Interstate Award Commonwealth Stars.

The jury announced nine laureates of 2020. Among others, were People’s Writer of Kazakhstan Olzhas Suleymanov, President of the National Academies of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan Murat Dzhumatayev and head of the pop-symphony orchestra of Uzbekistan Mansur Tashmatov.

The solemn awarding of the laureates this year will take place in the fall within the framework of the Forum of Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia in Uzbekistan.

Kohirova is the Director of Astrophysics Institute, and works in the field of the study of celestial bodies. Her works are known to a wide range of astrophysicists around the world. In 2015, one of the minor planets of the solar system was named in honor of Kohirova. The corresponding document was signed at the International Astronomical Union, headquartered in Paris. Currently, about five space objects (comets, asteroids) are named after Tajik scientists. Now the staff of the Academy is trying to name one of the minor planets of the solar system after Tajikistan.

12 мая, 2021 10:07

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