ECO Heritage Magazine Dedicates Special Issue to Dushanbe

30 июня, 2021 09:45

DUSHANBE, 30.06.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The Embassy of Tajikistan in Tehran in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has published a special issue of the magazine ECO Heritage in English dedicated to the achievements and tourism opportunities of Dushanbe and on the occasion of the announcement of the city as the tourism capital of the ECO region for 2020-2021.

The special message of President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon “Role of tourism in the development of Tajikistan and the ECO region” tells about the support of the government of Tajikistan for the development of tourism sphere in the country and on its result- formation of modern tourism culture in Tajikistan, especially in its capital — Dushanbe. 

The message emphasizes that “today Dushanbe has become a modern prosperous and administrative city, the essence of the advanced culture of urban planning, venue for international conferences and a real tourist attraction in the region. Along with these qualities, Dushanbe is a city of friendship, goodwill and solidarity, as the development of tourism, along with the opportunity to present the history, culture, nature and national traditions of the country provides an opportunity to strengthen friendship and brotherhood among representatives of different peoples and nations.   

At the end of his special message, President thanked the ECO member states for their support in declaring Dushanbe the ECO tourism capital and expressed confidence that this initiative will contribute to the further development of tourism in our country and strengthening peace and friendship in the region.

The article of the Dushanbe Chairman Rustam Emomali entitled “Dushanbe — the tourism capital of the ECO region” emphasizes that during the meeting of the Ministers of Tourism of the ECO member states (October 3, 2019) election of the capital of Tajikistan as the tourism capital of the ECO region for 2020-2021 is not only a source of glad event for the residents of Dushanbe and the country, but also a recognition of Dushanbe’s significant contribution to the development of tourism in the ECO region.

This informative article presents the image of the capital of Tajikistan as a political, economic and cultural center of the country, where both the breath of the fabulous East and the modern trends of urban planning are reflected in a balanced way.

At the end of the article, Rustam Emomali expressed confidence in strengthening the role of Dushanbe in the formation of a unified tourism environment in the region and enhancement cooperation and friendship amongst the peoples of the ECO member countries. 

The following pages of the magazine describe the essence and wisdom of the Leader of the Nation’s initiatives on declaration of 2018 the “Year of Tourism and Folk Crafts” and 2019-2021 period the “Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts” as effective factors in the development and expansion of tourism in Tajikistan and in this regard the initiatives of Rustam Emomali on beautification of Dushanbe have been cited as a successful example of implementation of the Presidents initiatives.

Most parts of the magazine are dedicated to the promotion of Dushanbe’s great achievements over the 30 years of Independence, including the presentation of symbols of national statehood, historical and architectural monuments, cultural institutions and the vast potential of Dushanbe for modern service to tourists and guests of the capital. In this regard, articles entitled “Dushanbe at a glance”, “Symbols of Tajikistan National Statehood”, “Navruz in Dushanbe — the hub of cultural and tourism ties”, “Kakh-i Navruz/Navruz Palace — a modern tourist wonder”, “National museum of Tajikistan”, “National Library of Tajikistan — a modern tourist attraction”, “Theaters in Dushanbe”, “Cultural and recreation parks are the beauty of Dushanbe”,“ Sports and tourist centers of the capital”, “Chakan embroidery art in Tajikistan”, “Modern transportation infrastructure in the capital”, “Mehrgan market — a place of abundance of goods”, “National dishes of Tajikistan” and others are published in the magazine and,  in general, reflect the great changes that took place in Dushanbe during the Independence period and have led to a radical transformation in the image of the country’s capital and the formation of a modern urban culture. The magazine is decorated with photos of the beauty of Dushanbe and its environs.

30 июня, 2021 09:45

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