Chairman of the Cultural Society of Tajiks in France: We Are Proud that Exhibition “Tajikistan — the Country of Golden Rivers” Introduced Europeans to Our Ancient Culture

11 января, 2022 15:57

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DUSHANBE, 11.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – “The exhibition of historical artifacts ‘Tajikistan — the Country of Golden Rivers’ in France, was a great source pride for me. My students, to whom I teach Tajik music and talk about our culture at the conservatory, heard not only from me, but were able to see the exposition with their own eyes and get acquainted with a piece of our history and culture,” said the Chairman of Cultural Society of Tajiks in France “Ravzana,» the famous violinist Shafak Farrukhzod following the closing ceremony of the exhibition.

For three months, residents of France and other European countries had the opportunity to get acquainted with the historical finds of ancient Sarazm, Takhti Sangin, paintings on the walls of ancient Panjikent, the world-famous monument of Ajina-Teppa, the Kofarnihon fortress, Hulbuk, rare gold and silver artifacts, and other items.

“Of course, we were very happy to bring our Tajik exhibit to the cultural center of France, to Paris, to one of the most famous museums — Guimet. I was very pleased when my French friends sent me photos of posters of the exhibition hung around Paris. A huge amount of work has been done to ensure that this exhibition is held at such a high level. Many thanks to all those who worked for more than one year and brought the matter to completion despite the coronavirus pandemic. In such a difficult time for everyone, when it was not easy to go outside, they managed to bring a whole plane of exhibits from Tajikistan,” she noted.

According to Farrukhzod, the opening was held at a very high level with the direct participation of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

“I hope that this is only the beginning of cooperation between the two countries, and this positive wave will provide an opportunity for cultural exchange between the two sides. This is very pleasing, since there are many fans of our ancient history, culture and music in France, and thanks to such exhibitions and cooperation, their number is growing. After the situation with the coronavirus improves, I think that many visitors to the exhibition will want to visit Tajikistan and see all the beauty of our country,” said Farrukhzod.

The closing ceremony of the exhibition took place on January 8 in Paris.

11 января, 2022 15:57

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