Supernovae Studied at the Sanglokh International Astronomical Observatory

19 января, 2022 10:48

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DUSHANBE, 19.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Scientists from the Institute of Astrophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan (NAST) at the Sanglokh International Astronomical Observatory conducted 384 hours of observations of supernovae and processed 6,000 digital images, reports the NAST.

The Institute of Astrophysics has been studying supernovae for two years now, and interaction with the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory has also been organized.

The observation of stars at the Sanglokh observatory was organized for the first time since Tajikistan’s independene. For active observations, the observatory was included in the international program VSNET (Variable Star Network), organized by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

Such observations are important for studying the processes associated with the explosions of new stars and contribute to unraveling the mystery of the birth of stars.

The great thinker of the East Avicenna researched in this area and described the birth of a supernova (SN1006) in the book Al-Shifo, in which he presented his arguments. Today, this star was registered under the name SN (super nova) 1006, a careful description of the new star testifies to the deepest knowledge of Avicenna in the field of natural sciences.

The obtained results are extremely necessary for scientists and students of mathematical disciplines.

19 января, 2022 10:48

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