Tajik Schoolchildren Win the International Olympiad COPERNICUS in the US

18 января, 2022 09:09

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DUSHANBE, 18.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Tajik schoolchildren became winners of the International Olympiad COPERNICUS, which was held in the United States, reports the Main Department of Education of Dushanbe.

The Olympiad was held from January 8 through January 16 at the Houston Museum of Science and Technology. More than 2,000 people from 50 countries competed in natural sciences, physics and astronomy.

For the first time, Tajik schoolchildren took part in world-class competitions along with students from France, Italy, the US, Brazil, China, Russia, Argentina, Canada, India, Great Britain, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

At the Biology Olympiad, Tajikistan was represented by nine students of the International Presidential School of Dushanbe, who took second and third places.

In particular, Maruf Isomiddinov and Tomiris Miralibekova took second places. Benyomin Zuhurzoda, Salmon Saminov, Yusuf Salimzoda, Abdujamil Kholikov, Umar Hafizov, Bibioisha Kadyrova, and Mirzokobil Badiev took third places.

Also, six students of the Lyceum for Gifted Children of Khujand took part in the Olympiad and won one silver, five bronze medals and a team cup in physics. Farrukh Sherali took second place in natural sciences, Amir Abdullozoda 3rd place in physics, Mehrangez Abdullaeva 3rd place in physics and astronomy, Ardasherkhoja Boturkhojaev 3rd place in physics and astronomy, Sharaf Mukimov 3rd place in natural sciences and Akramkhoja Mamurov 3rd place in natural sciences.

All the winners and participants of the Olympiad at the Dushanbe International Airport were met by representatives of the Presidential Executive Office, the Ministry of Education and Science, Dushanbe and Sughd Chairmen administrations, heads of education departments and directors of educational institutions.

18 января, 2022 09:09

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