French Director Luc Besson Intends to Participate in Making of Film about Jomi and Navoi

4 мая, 2022 13:31

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DUSHANBE, 04.05.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – The well-known French director and playwright Luc Besson intends to participate in the creation of the historical film about Jomi and Navoi. This became known during the final meeting of the joint commission of the Cinematography Agency of Uzbekistan and Tajikfilm held in Tashkent on the creation of this film by specialists from the two countries. The concept of the film was approved at the meeting, the Tajik Embassy in Uzbekistan reported.

The presentation was attended by Director General of the Cinematography Agency Firdavs Abdukhalikov, Ambassador of Tajikistan to Uzbekistan Abdujabbor Rahmonzoda, Director of Tajikfilm Mahmadsaid Shohiyon, as well cinematographers of the two countries.

The meeting focused on the extended synopsis of the historical feature film prepared by filmmakers and historians.

The project to create a joint film was initiated by the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev during the visit of the Uzbek Leader to Tajikistan in June last year.

“Today, we are all participants in the creation of an artistic and historical film about friendship between the great thinkers, poets and philosophers of the people of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — Jomi and Navoi,” said Ambassador Rahmonzoda.

Specialists from the Cinematography Agency, Tajikfilm, cinematographers’ unions, academies of sciences, ministries of culture, art institutes, and oriental scholars of the two countries were involved in the preparation of the scenario plan.

“This unique project can be called a vivid example of the policy of good neighborliness and openness pursued by Uzbekistan. Today we carry out many creative meetings and discussions. The project restores the lost bridges between the filmmakers of the two countries and brings us closer,” said Director General of the Cinematography Agency of Uzbekistan Abdukhalikov.

“Extensive historical and factual material has been collected, a huge number of sources about the era of great thinkers and poets of the Eastern Renaissance period, which the whole world admires today, have been studied. In total, since the signing of the memorandum in October last year, more than 15 meetings of the working group have taken place. The main idea of ​​the film lies in the unchanging and wise message: ‘Where peace and enlightenment reign, progress and prosperity will certainly come,'» he added.

“They worked together. One was a mentor, the other was his student. It’s time to demonstrate the legacy of outstanding ancestors at the proper level. These enlightening ideas must be carried to the people, it is not enough to propagate them only in historical circles,” said Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Leading Researcher at the Center for the Study of Foreign Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan Aftondil Erkinov.

A number of meetings within the walls of the Cinematography Agency of Uzbekistan, as well as numerous zoom meetings, and partner visits to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have already taken place.

“The ideas of friendship and enlightenment that they promoted are relevant at all times. I really hope that we will be able to convey this idea of ​​enlightenment in the film. This film should have universal significance,” said Doctor of Philology, Director of the Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Shodimuhammad Sufizoda.

At present the filmmakers of the two countries are hard at work on the creation of this feature film.
The director of the film from the Uzbek side Furkat Usmanov noted that Abdukhalikov held negotiations with the famous film director Luc Besson as part of the Tashkent Film Festival.

“During the recent zoom conference, Besson said that he wants to work with young directors from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, stressing that he is inspired by their enthusiasm. According to the agreements, we will work together on the script, he will act as a project consultant and is looking forward to the script of the film,” Usmanov said.

Besson is a famous French film director of such famous films as The Lady, A Monster in Paris, A Castle in Spain, New York Taxi, Fanfan la Tulipe, Kiss of the Dragon, The Last Battle, among others. He is the winner of the prestigious award of the National Film Academy of France Cesar.

4 мая, 2022 13:31

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