Khovar and the Committee for Tourism Development Announce Best Essay and Journalistic Article Contest

20 ноября, 2019 15:36

DUSHANBE, 20.11.2019. (NIAT Khovar) – The state news agency Khovar in collaboration with the Committee for Tourism Development under the government of Tajikistan announces a contest entitled ‘Water — Guarantee to Rural Development and Tourism’ for best essays and journalistic articles. The contest is devoted to the 30th anniversary of state independence, the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts (2019-2021) and the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028” and will be held from this Wednesday through September 5 next year.

The contest’s aim is to foster a sense of patriotism, pride, respect and love for the Tajik land, as well as to present the country’s rich natural resources and tourism opportunities, traditions and customs of its people through essays and journalistic articles that have a high content and essence.

All interested persons both domestic and foreign can enter the contest.

Essays and articles can be written in Tajik, Russian or English.

Authors can send their materials by e-mail or bring it in directly to Khovar’s office at 40 Rudaki Avenue in Dushanbe.

Please indicate the full name, date of birth, institution (year of graduation), job place and position, address of residence and phone number below the material.

Authors can contact us for more details by numbers +992 (37) 227 35 52 and +992 (37) 221 31 76.

Khovar will publish the best materials on its website and the jury will determine the winners among the published materials.

The top three authors will be awarded with prizes and memorable gifts by Khovar, the Committee for Tourism Development and Sponsors.

All winners will also have the opportunity to travel throughout Tajikistan for free.

20 ноября, 2019 15:36

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