Childukhtaron Five-Star Hotel and Sanatorium Will Be Build in Muminobod

8 сентября, 2020 12:22

DUSHANBE, 08.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Childukhtaron five-star hotel for 100 people and the sanatorium will be put into operation in Muminobod district soon.

In order to ensure tourism development in the regions and identify tourism opportunities, a working group headed by the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development Shirin Amonzoda visited the district, where they got acquainted with the resources and possibilities of receiving tourists and services.

The tourist infrastructure of the district includes 8 historical sites, 4 hotels, 14 guesthouses and homestays, a travel agency, 10 sanatoriums and boarding houses, a teahouse, 2 restaurants, 48 historical and cultural monuments, 3 banking points and an ATM, 3 points of sale of souvenirs, an information center, 4 museums, 6 tourist, cultural and entertainment sites, and 4 roadside service points for domestic and foreign guests.

The group visited the tourist service facilities under construction, which will be completed in the district in honor of the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts and the 30th anniversary of independence.

The development of the district’s infrastructure and the adjustment of service opportunities in accordance with the needs of tourists will create a favorable environment for attracting more tourists to this district.

Muminobod has rich tourist resources and is quite suitable for the development of mountain, sport, ethnographic and ecological tourism. The townships Childukhtaron and Chashmai Jushon are of great interest for domestic and foreign tourists.

Muminobod is a thriving and well-known district of Khatlon, bordering the Khovaling and Sangvor districts in the north, the Shamsiddin Shohin district in the east, and Kulob in the south.

Muminobod is also called the land of springs or thousands of sources. The district’s natural resources are very rich, 138 species of medicinal plants, 45 species of melliferous plants and 98 species of forage plants are registered here.

Its fauna is diverse. It stretches from the valleys to the highlands, which creates opportunities for the development of hunting tourism.

The Committee in collaboration with the local authorities is taking the necessary measures to integrate Muminobod into the tourist services market.

Also, the Committee’s leadership got acquainted with the process of construction of tourist facilities under construction in Hisor and Vahdat.

8 сентября, 2020 12:22

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