Emomali Rahmon’s Working Trip to Darvoz

27 сентября, 2021 13:41

DUSHANBE, 27.09.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region on a working trip with the purpose of attending the opening of several socio-economic facilities and to meet with the local representatives.

It is expected that he will take part in the gala commemorating the 30th anniversary of state independence.

His working trip began in Darvoz, where he took part in the republican festival of honey and the exhibition of agricultural products and inaugurated, a new modern building of the Center of Justice, and outdoor volleyball, football, and basketball courts.

Farmers from nine cities and regions of the country, including GBAO, Khatlon and Sughd, presented a variety of beekeeping products, fruits and vegetables.

While meeting with 100 orphans of Darvoz and Vanj, he presented them with clothing, sweets, reading materials, and cash assistance packages. President Rahmon also attended the opening ceremony of the Dushanbe-Kulma road section, which connects the administrative center of Darvoz with Vanj.

The 26-kilometer section of the highway was renovated with $32 million, which was funded by the government of Tajikistan, the Islamic Development Bank, the Saudi Fund for Development, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and the OPEC Fund.

President Rahmon also laid a foundation stone for the renovation of the Darvoz — Rushan highway. The developed project of the Darvoz — Rushan highway includes the construction of 15 bridges with a length of 633 meters and five tunnels with a length of 601 meters. The project will provide 1,000 local people with jobs.

This section of the road is the main component of the Dushanbe-Khorog-Kulma-China Highway.

In addition, President Rahmon attended the military parade that included a march by 2,000 soldiers and officers of the Border Guards, land forces, and law enforcement agencies.

Next, he attended the opening ceremony of the Taj-et company, which focuses on packaging food products, including beans, peas, mash, pasta, and rice. Its capacity is 500 tonnes of products a month and up to 6,000 tonnes of food products a year. The company’s food products will supply the domestic market, and in the future the company plans to export to neighboring countries under the brand name Taj Galla. Another opening ceremony was for the Mevahoi Badakhshon company, which processes and packages natural organic fruits and vegetables and chips.

Its capacity is 1.3 tonnes of processed fruits and vegetables per day and up to 400 tonnes per year.

Likewise, President Rahmon opened the Karon – Plast industrial enterprise which manufactures plastic pipes, doors, and windows. The production capacity of the enterprise is 2400 meters of pipes per day with a diameter of 15 to 120 millimeters. The final product is intended for the transportation of drinking water and irrigation of arable lands.

Concluding his visit, President Rahmon held a meeting with the local public representatives. He noted that the government is continuing to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of Darvoz and Vanj and has so far channeled more than 1.2 billion and 500 million somoni to the areas, respectively.

He noted that 10 public investment projects worth more than 500 million somoni have been implemented in the district, with seven more underway.

He stressed that the Program of Socio-Economic Development of Darvoz for 2021-2025 provides for the implementation of 106 projects totaling 405 million somoni, and for Vanj – 112 project totaling 160 million somoni to further improve the infrastructure of the districts.

President Rahmon also noted that the government put into operation 28 energy facilities totaling more than 50 million somoni.

“Currently, a number of other energy projects are being implemented in Darvoz and Vanj districts and in the region as a whole, with the completion of which the power supply in all districts of the region will be increased to 100%,” he said.

27 сентября, 2021 13:41

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