Emomali Rahmon: Tajikistan Is Firm in Its Position and Calls for the Establishment of an Inclusive Government in Afghanistan

17 сентября, 2021 12:57

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President Emomali Rahmon called on the international community, in particular the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross to provide immediate assistance to Afghanistan and the people of Panjshir, which has been in a complete blockade for about two months.

“Tajikistan stands firm in its position and calls for the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. The introduction of any political system in Kabul, regardless of public opinion, could have unpredictable consequences,» the Tajik leader stated on Friday at the SCO summit in Dushanbe.

Emomali Rahmon noted that the main threats to security in the SCO space remain international terrorism, extremism, separatism, transborder organized crime, including drug trafficking and cybercrime.

17 сентября, 2021 12:57

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