Danghara State University Held a Scientific And Practical Conference

7 октября, 2021 15:03

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DUSHANBE, 07.10.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, the Danghara State University (DSU) hosted an international scientific and practical conference “Political School of the Leader of the Nation” with the participation of the chairmen of the executive committees of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT) in cities and districts, rectors of higher educational institutions, local and foreign scientists, researchers, undergraduates and students. The attendees participated in person and online. The conference was organized by the PDPT’s Executive Committee in Khatlon.

Before the conference, the guests got acquainted with the conditions of the training and educational center for radio broadcasting called Amri Vakt, a center for distance learning and grant management, an exhibition of folk crafts, decoration of exhibition design, art, inventions and innovations, as well as new published books by DSU’s teaching staff. The students familiarized themselves with the content of the rich works of President Emomali Rahmon which have been translated into Tajik, Russian, English, German, Uzbek, Turkmen, and Chinese. Young programmers of the university presented their innovative projects.

In his opening remarks, PDPT’s First Deputy Chairman Azizi Abdujabbor noted that the modern world has proven that whenever practice is connected with science, there is development and progress. Science is the foundation of sustainable development, efficiency in the economy and industry, stability in public relations, and success in politics and spirituality.

“The PDPT, which is the leader of state policy, in today’s conditions requires a scientifically based implementation of its goals. This far, the constructive goals of the party under the leadership of the Leader of the Nation were able to form a stable policy of the new Tajik state, declare it on the world stage as an independent, legal, democratic and secular state, create peace and unity among the people, and improve the socio-economic situation,” he noted.

According to him, involvement of scientists and researchers in scientific developments for the implementation of the party’s program goals will allow for the timely, purposeful, productive and sustainable achievement of the identified indicators, namely the creation and strengthening of the scientific approach of the PDPT and the promotion of ideologically trained personnel to strengthen the scientific potential of governing the country.

“Training of personnel is carried out within the framework of the development of the political school of the leader of the PDPT, as modern mechanisms for the sustainable development of the country’s institutional foundations are being formed,” Azizi added.

In his speech, the Chairman of the PDPT’s Executive Committee in Khatlon Miraliyon Kiyomiddin noted that the service of the PDPT is very suitable not only for the creation of a modern Tajik state, but also for the elimination of the imposed civil war and the achievement of national accord.

“Here is another school of the Leader of the Nation, which has attracted the attention of the whole world — the school of peace, this is a separate topic that is mentioned. The PDPT is considered the basis of the country’s domestic and foreign policy, covering almost all the spheres of public life,” he said.

DSU Rector Nurali Shohiyon in his scientific report recalled the unique contribution of the Leader of the Nation to the development of science and education. The leading world organizations recognized the constructive initiatives of President Rahmon on issues of water, ecology, prevention and spread of modern global threats, such as terrorism, extremism, xenophobia, and other problems that prevent speedy human development.

He noted that in this process, Emomali Rahmon has been awarded with over 50 international awards by prestigious international organizations, including titles and awards of the European Union “Leader of the XXI Century,» UNESCO’s 60th Anniversary Medal, the Order of the Olympic Council of Asia, the UNESCO Gold Medal, and more than 17 honorary professor and honorary doctorate awards from the most prestigious international institutions of higher education.

Following the conference, a number of party members and activists were awarded with certificates of honor and gratitude of the PDPT for their contributions toward the betterment of the country.

7 октября, 2021 15:03

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