Jayhun District Plans to Increase Its Lemon Harvest

11 октября, 2021 11:47

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BOKHTAR, 11.10.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The Agrarians of Jayhun district plan to increase their lemon production this year, the harvest of which has already begun.

According to the head of the district’s Department of Agriculture Pirnazar Nurov, today there are 135 hectares of greenhouses in Jayhun dedicated to growing citrus fruits. “Last year, district farmers managed to produce 5,050 tonnes of lemons, 201 tonnes of which were exported to Kazakhstan and Russia,” he said.

According to one of the owners of the two greenhouses Amirshoh Toirzoda, his farm is 42 acres, with over nine acres dedicated to the cultivation of lemons.

“Due to its climatic and other natural characteristics, Jayhun is well suited for growing citrus trees. Last year, we harvested 8,800 tonnes of high quality Meyer lemons. The harvest was sold in bulk to entrepreneurs from Dushanbe at the price of 7.8 somoni per kilogram,” Toirzoda said.

According to him, as it was cold last winter, most of the shoots had been damaged, but now the seedlings are growing well.

11 октября, 2021 11:47

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