IRS Will Change Toll Tariffs on Dushanbe-Chanak Highway

23 декабря, 2021 14:46

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DUSHANBE, 23.12.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Innovate Road Solutions (IRS) will raise its prices on the Dushanbe-Chanak highway beginning on January 1, 2022, reports the IRS.

Despite the impact of the global financial crisis on inflation, a significant increase in the cost of maintaining roads and the implementation of a number of works, including the construction of new sites, acquisition of powerful equipment, construction of asphalt concrete plants, overhaul and maintenance of hundreds of kilometers of roads, and management, IRS has not raised its prices until now.

According to this Concession Agreement, IRS branch must set tariffs taking into account the compensation of funds associated with the cost of maintaining and repairing the road and the passage of vehicles on the highway. In addition, taking into account the level of inflation, it must annually review these tariffs and provide information on them in agreement with the Antimonopoly Service. The established tariffs should compensate for the commercial costs associated with the maintenance of the road based on the tolling system, as well as the efficient maintenance and use of all objects of the Dushanbe-Chanak road when applying the provisions of the concession.

The reason for the revision of tariffs is the consequences of the recent global financial crisis, which, along with other matters, have negatively impacted the activities of the company’s branch.

Another reason is the increase in IRS’ expenses brought on by the fact that many components and elements needed to maintain the road have been worn out from use.

Currently the IRS branch employs over 800 residents. However, due to the fact that their prices have not changed, the branch has not been able to compete with other organizations in the labor market to raise the salaries of its employees. Despite the fact that the inflation rate over the past 11 years has amounted to 130%, the branch has developed agreed tariffs in a new edition without this indicator, taking into account the social status of the population and in order to prevent the growth of a social burden.

For the population adjacent to the road, a preferential transition system has been introduced, which is 50-93% of the established price.

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23 декабря, 2021 14:46

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