President Emomali Rahmon Opens New Socio-Economic Facilities and Attends Sada Holiday in Sughd

10 февраля, 2022 11:26

DUSHANBE, 10.02.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – On February 10, while on his working visit to Sughd, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President Emomali Rahmon attended the opening ceremony for Amid, a trade service center in Khujand.

The 2500 square meter center was built by a local entrepreneur Saidamon Isomaddinov. It features points of sale for various goods, including food, household appliances, a workshop for the production of sausage, dairy products, a bakery, a confectionery, a fast food station, a cafe, and a pharmacy, which provided 100 locals with jobs.

President Rahmon also visited the exhibition of manufacturing enterprises in Khujand.

He opened the Shireshi Tojik enterprise in the rural community Yova of Bobojon Gafurov district, which was built by local entrepreneurs Abdukodir Nabiyev and Manizha Umarova to contribute to the implementation of the fourth national goal — intensive industrialization of the country and ensuring the executive order of President of Tajikistan on the announcement of 2022-2026 as the Period of Industrial Development.

The capacity of the enterprise is more than 300 tons of high-quality glue per month, and in the future, depending on the needs of the domestic market and export of products, including to neighboring countries, this figure is expected to reach 500 tons.

With the opening of the enterprise, 30 local residents were provided with jobs.

While in the free economic zone of Sughd, President Rahmon attended the opening ceremony of the Tolib Dadaboev LLC specializing in the production of sausages and inspected the exhibition of the enterprise’s products. The enterprise produces various types of sausages under the brand name Dilshod.

Currently, the Tolib Dadaboev LLC employs 25 local residents, all of whom have completed retraining courses on working with the new industry technology. Germany, Russian, Belarus, and Chinese state-of-the-art equipment that is installed in enterprise will be able to process up to 120 tons of meat.

During the opening of the two residential buildings with a shopping center and a restaurant, President Rahmon presented gifts to 150 orphans and keys to apartments to six needy families in Khujand.

Family members who have become owners of modern apartments mainly carry out effective activities in the fields of science, education, health care, social protection of the population, other areas of the national economy, and contribute to the development of society.

Previously, these families rented apartments, and now, with the direct support of President Rahmon, they have their own housing.

Concluding his visit, President Rahmon took part in the events dedicated to the Sada holiday in Khujand.

Sada, like Navruz and Mehrgon, is a national holiday of the Aryans, and the Tajik people celebrate it every year on the 11th day of the solar calendar, which falls on January 21-February 20.

Sada is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness, warmth over cold, good over evil, and lasts fifty days and nights until Navruz. Sada gives news of the approach of spring and the onset of Navruz.

10 февраля, 2022 11:26

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