Biden Nominates Micaller for US Ambassador to Tajikistan

24 июня, 2022 12:58

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DUSHANBE, 24.06.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – US President Joe Biden nominated Manuel P. Micaller for Ambassador to Tajikistan. Micaller is an experienced diplomat and is currently Deputy Head of the US Legation in Nepal. This is stated in the message of the White House, distributed on June 22.

The new ambassador to Tajikistan must be approved by the US Senate. It has not yet been announced when the vote in the Senate will take place.

Micaller has previously worked at the US Embassies in Mongolia, Morocco and Tajikistan, and held a senior position in the State Department. In Tajikistan, he worked as an economic adviser to the ambassador.

Micaller received a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from George Washington University. He also received a master’s degree from the National Defense University. He knows several foreign languages, including Russian and Tajik.

Micaller, if approved by the Senate, will replace John Mark Pommersheim, who has been in charge of the diplomatic mission since January 2019, as US Ambassador to Tajikistan.

Previously, prior to his appointment as Ambassador to Tajikistan, Pommersheim also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. In addition, he previously served as director of the Office for Caucasus and Regional Conflicts in the Bureau for European and Eurasian Affairs of the US State Department, where he was responsible for managing the full range of US relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

24 июня, 2022 12:58

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