Tajikistan Bans Import and Sale of Energy-Saving Mercury Lamps

14 июня, 2022 13:11

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DUSHANBE, 14.06.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Tajikistan has banned the import and sale of energy-saving mercury lamps. The government adopted a resolution dated June 1 this year, on the basis of which the import, production and sale of mercury lamps with the code 8539322001 in the country is prohibited in order to prevent harm to the environment, especially the population.

According to the Deputy Head of the Metrological Support Department of the Tajikstandart Agency Faizali Shodmonzoda, entrepreneurs import energy-saving fluorescent lamps used in the republic since 2009 mainly from Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran.

“After they are discarded into landfills mercury spreads in the environment and harms the health of people and nature. After such lamps failed, they had to be disposed of in specially designated places. Specialists of Tajikstandart issued certificates of conformity to entrepreneurs who imported such light bulbs into the republic after testing,” Shodmonzoda said.

He added that energy-saving fluorescent lamps quickly fail and do not have a long service life. Energy-saving lamps with diode lighting are resistant to power surges, provide bright light and last a long time. Energy-saving diode lamps give more light and consume less electricity compared to energy-saving mercury lamps.

Along with the ban on mercury energy-saving light bulbs, the government instructed the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, and the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management to take measures to strengthen the production of energy-saving LED and environmentally friendly light bulbs in the republic.

In order to rationally use electricity in 2009, the decree “On additional measures for the economical use of energy” was signed, which was aimed at providing a larger number of the population with electricity and its efficient use, as well as the widespread use of energy-saving appliances and equipment. On the basis of this decree, from May 1, 2009, energy-saving light bulbs began to be used in Tajikistan.

14 июня, 2022 13:11

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