Manager of a Tajik Travel Agency: Tour Packages to Turkiye Have Risen in Price by 50%

7 июля, 2022 12:55

DUSHANBE, 07.07.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Tourist vouchers to Turkiye have risen in price by an average of 50% compared to last year, told Sadi Saidov, manager of the Zigana-Tour travel agency, which has been operating in the tourism market of Tajikistan for 10 years.

According to him, this is primarily due to a sharp increase in flight prices, because airlines had to restore the route after the pandemic. The exchange rate also played a role, with the Turkish lira depreciating sharply against $.

Saidov added that the Zigana-Tour agency conducts export activities and sends citizens mainly to the countries of Europe, the Middle East and Turkiye for travel and tourism, business and tourism to Muslim shrines. Tajik citizens mainly go on holiday to Istanbul and Antalya during the summer season.

The manager explained the rise in prices for tourist tickets and the influence of external factors on the country’s economy. He mentioned that the average price of a holiday trip to Turkiye this year is about $800-$900 per person, including airfare (round-trip), hotel accommodation and meals.

It also depends on the level of service, accommodation in hotels (five-star, four-star, three-star, etc.). The representative of the Zigana-Tour added that in the years after the pandemic, the trips of tourists from Tajikistan to non-CIS countries, including Turkiye and the countries of the Middle East, especially to the United Arab Emirates, increased.

Also, a responsible employee of one of the successful domestic agencies Rohat Tour says that this year we received more foreign tourists in Tajikistan, almost 90 percent of them were Russian citizens.

According to him, basically, they came to see the beautiful and unique landscapes of the nature of Tajikistan, including Badakhshon and the interesting sights of Iskandarkul, Haftkul and the ancient city of Sarazm.

7 июля, 2022 12:55

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