Tajik Ministry of Transport Signs Agreement with ISAN Corporation + M50 Consulting Group

19 августа, 2022 16:36

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DUSHANBE, 19.08.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – The Minister of Transport Azim Ibrokhim and the Director of the ISAN branch in Almaty John Hee De signed an agreement for the provision of consulting services by the joint companies ISAN Corporation + M50 Consulting Group to supervise construction work in the Sughd region and GBAO.

The agreement is being implemented within the framework of the project “Improvement of regional communications in Central Asia, BRAMOM-4.”

As part of this project, it is planned to build a bridge across the Gund River in GBAO, located along Shirinsho Shohtemur Avenue in Khorгg, with a length of 200 meters, as well as the construction of roads to it with a length of 1.1 km and a road with a length of 3.4 km in the town of Barsem, including the construction of two avalanche corridors with a total length of 840 m (290 m + 550 m) and the construction of a bridge with a length of 82.3 m.

Also, in Sughd region, it is planned to upgrade and reconstruct sections of highways with a total length of 51.2 km, including (I) reconstruction of the Kurush-Bekobod section with a length of 12.3 km, (II) reconstruction of the Dehmoy-Bobojon Gafurov section 22 km long, (III) reconstruction of the Bobojon Gafurov — Khistevarz with a length of 6.6 km, (IV) reconstruction of the section Konibodom — Kuchkak with a length of 10.3 km.

19 августа, 2022 16:36

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