Tajik Pianist Becomes Student of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

1 сентября, 2022 11:31

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DUSHANBE, 01.09.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – A Tajik pianist, composer and conductor 16-year-old Jannat Khuseynzoda became a student at the oldest musical educational institution in Europe. She will hone her professional skills at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, founded in 1832.

“Along with many educational institutions, I also decided to apply to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels by registering for the entrance exams in harmony, rhythm, solfeggio and piano specialty,” says Jannat.

Having successfully passed the exams in the first three musical subjects, she was invited to the entrance exam in the specialty of piano in Brussels, which was held on April 22.

“I want to later become a conductor in Italy. Pesaro is the birthplace of Rossini, and he is my idol in orchestral music,» says Jannat.

«As for pianists, I like the work of Yevgeny Kissin and Martha Argerich, as for conductors — Riccardo Muti. I myself love the works of the Impressionists, although they, in my opinion, are a little deprived of attention. We know more about Mozart than about Ravel.”

According to her, now she has become more interested in Tajik national motives.
«This is not what we listen to now, not shashmak, but rather Tajik classics, a mixture of ethnic music with classical pieces,” she explains.

A young composer, pianist and conductor, a graduate of the Dushanbe College of Arts named after A. Bobokulov, she is the youngest member of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan and actively writes music for chamber and large symphony orchestras.

1 сентября, 2022 11:31

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