Pumpkin, Melon and Watermelon Holidays Will Take Place at the Mehrgon Market Tomorrow

29 августа, 2020 11:34

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DUSHANBE, 29.08.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The pumpkin, melon and watermelon holidays will take place at the Mehrgon market in Dushanbe per Ministry of Agriculture’s initiative.

Farmers from cities and districts will be offering different varieties of melons, pumpkins and watermelons at affordable prices.

The purpose of the holidays is to promote the development of agricultural production, present the handicraft products of farmers, revive the traditions of growing pumpkins, melons, watermelons and take advantage of the experience of farmers from different regions.

Also on this day, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture will present gifts and certificates to the best farmers.

There are 15 varieties of pumpkins in the world, of which four are cultivated locally. These are the gahvorakadu, palavkadu, oshkadu, and chubkadu varieties.

Medical experts recommend the consumption of pumpkin because of its high vitamin and protein content.

Melons are native to the region. Of the 500 varieties of melons grown in Central Asia, 230 have Tajik names, which indicates that Tajikistan is the birthplace of melons.

Tajikistan is an ancient melon-growing region. Khatlon, Kubodiyon, Khujand, Istaravshan and Panjakent were famous for their delicious melons as far back as the 3rd century.

29 августа, 2020 11:34

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