PM Rasulzoda Meets Russian and Belarusian Counterparts in Kazan

30 апреля, 2021 09:08

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DUSHANBE, 30.04.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Yesterday, Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda left for Russian Tatarstan.

He was welcomed by the Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin and other officials at the Kazan International Airport.

Rasulzoda also met with the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The parties discussed issues of economy, trade, transport, industry, energy, employment, education, science, culture, customs, investments, agriculture, and stressed that despite the spread of COVID-19, trade between Tajikistan and Russia in 2020 amounted to $973.6 million.

In addition, the need for the creation of joint ventures and workshops in Tajikistan and the development of integration in priority sectors was emphasized.

Rasulzoda also met with the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko.

The meeting focused on the
construction of industrial enterprises and workshops on the territory of free economic zones of Tajikistan, the establishment of air routes between Dushanbe and Minsk, and the export and import of various essential products.

30 апреля, 2021 09:08

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