PM Rasulzoda Commissioned Various Facilities in Fayzobod District

27 сентября, 2021 09:40

DUSHANBE, 27.09.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – Within the framework of the 30th anniversary of state independence, Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda visited the Fayzobod district and got acquainted with the process of targeted use of land.

In Mehrobod, Rasulzoda officially opened Fayzobod, an enterprise for the production of mineral water. Following the opening ceremony, 12 orphans were provided with gift packages.

He also attended the official opening of the regional infectious diseases hospital, a hotel, and a service center.

Out of 374 objects earmarked for construction and renovation in the Fayzobod district, more than 320 have been completed to date, which is more than 90% of the goal.

Of the facilities put into operation, 16 are in the field of education, 33 in the health sector, 4 in the field of culture, 18 in sports, 4 in the field of agriculture, 27 for the repair of roads and bridges, as well as 5 baths, 11 salons, 9 drinking water lines, 78 service centers, and 86 other facilities.

Construction work is underway at other sites.

Rasulzoda also got acquainted with the activities of the workers and the exhibition organized by the residents of the Fayzobod district.

Currently, farmers are harvesting potatoes and other field crops.

The total area of arable land in Fayzobod is 6,410 hectares, of which 2,948 hectares is irrigated land.

The area of gardens amounts to 6,031 hectares, and vineyards to 424 hectares.

The plan for 2021 is to utilize 2,100 hectares for sowing grains, 870 hectares for potatoes, and 560 hectares for vegetables.

The area of irrigated private residence plots in the district is 340 hectares.

There are 3,728 farms in the district for the cultivation of various products. In addition to meeting the needs of the local residents, farmers distribute the fruits of their labors to other cities and districts.

To date, the region has produced 3,117 tonnes of potatoes, 2,251 tonnes of vegetables, 341 tonnes of fruits, 2,032 tonnes of meat, 1,146 tonnes of poultry, 8,139 tonnes of milk, and over 48 million eggs.

As part of his working trip, Rasulzoda also met with the local residents and workers.

27 сентября, 2021 09:40

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