Saudi Arabian Stakeholders Get Acquainted with Tajikistan’s Visa-Free Regime

5 января, 2022 09:26

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DUSHANBE, 05.01.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – On January 2, the Embassy of Tajikistan in Riyadh held a press conference on the introduction of a unilateral visa-free regime for several foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, which came into force on January 1 of this year.

Saudi Arabian media representatives and stakeholders engaged in tourism and investment, as well as social media activists attended the press conference.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia Akram Karimi elaborated on the visa-free regime and stressed the importance of this step for strengthening cooperation between Tajikistan and Saudi Arabia, particularly in the areas of tourism, trade and investment.

Videos reflecting the beautiful nature, as well as the tourism opportunities and the investment atmosphere in Tajikistan were presented during the press conference.

The Tajik Embassy also organized a photo exhibition titled “Tajikistan – The Promising Tourism Destination” on the sidelines of the press conference.

Citizens of 52 countries can now enter Tajikistan without a visa and stay for up to 30 days. The list of countries includes Australia, United Arab Emirates, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Brunei Darussalam, Kuwait, Qatar, New Zealand, United States of America, Iceland, Canada, Swiss Confederation, Malaysia, Hungary, Austria, Argentine, Germany, Dominican, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Chile, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, Principality of Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Thailand, Jordan, Sweden, Jamaica, and Japan.

According to another governmental decree, citizens of 14 countries are now eligible for a simplified visa process. The countries include Cambodia, Bhutan, Honduras, Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Ghana, Cameroon, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya, Laos, Congo, Bangladesh, and Burkina Faso.

Currently, visa is not required for citizens of more than 20 countries.

5 января, 2022 09:26

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