More Than 84,000 Tourists Visited Hissor in 2021

17 февраля, 2022 13:49

DUSHANBE, 17.02.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Last year, more than 84,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited the historical, cultural, natural, ecological, and medical sites of Hissor. This figure is 41,000 more than in 2020.

Of the total number of domestic and foreign tourists who visited Hissor, about 1,000 were foreign tourists. These were mainly citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, China, France, Germany, and other European countries.

On February 14, during a press conference, Kosim Rohbar, the acting chairman of Hissor, told reporters that in the future, necessary measures will be taken to develop the tourism infrastructure, taking into account the existing potential of the city, since tourism development is not only a representation of natural and ecological areas, but also the main means of replenishing the local budget, creating new jobs, and raising the living standard of the population.

As part of the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts, three travel agencies, including Sangchashma, Usto Nabot, and Shumontur have opened in Hissor and entered the tourism market.

Along with this, five tourist routes have been organized in Hissor, which include historical, cultural, natural, and ecological sites such as the Hissor Fortress, Shamal, Arjinak, Vargandok, Khojachildiyori Bolo, and others.

In order to improve the level of service for domestic and foreign tourists, two modern hotels currently operate in the city center, namely Usto Nabot and Dahbed, and on the banks of the Khonakoh river the Green Wood Half Hotel, as well as five sanatoriums, including Shohambari , Saturn, Chashmai Shohambari, and Sangchashma.

There are more than 80 historical and cultural monuments in Hissor. Every year these places are visited by hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists.

17 февраля, 2022 13:49

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