President Emomali Rahmon Opens Ancient Culture Studies: the Past and the Present International Symposium

22 октября, 2019 11:47

DUSHANBE, 22.10.2019 (NIAT Khovar) – The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon opened the Ancient Culture Studies: the Past and the Present International Symposium.  The head of state made a welcoming speech at the symposium’s opening ceremony, which is taking place in the National Library of Tajikistan through October 23. The representatives of domestic and foreign scientific community and creative intelligentsia were invited to the event.

The symposium brought together scientists and experts in the capital of Tajikistan to take a new look at and the 1120th anniversary of the Samanid state — a glorious era in the history of the Tajik people, and to honor and pay tribute to this great heritage, that is, the history and culture of the Samanid statehood and the creative role of this Aryan dynasty in the development of Tajiks and other people of the region and the world in terms of the principles of socio-historical, philosophical and cultural values and the study of cultural historical traditions, especially the dignity of the national holidays of the Aryan people — Navruz, Mehrgon and Sada in the formation of East and West civilization, as well as the role of Cyrus the Great and Borbad Marwazi.

President Emomali Rahmon expressed his confidence that the scientists will study the philosophical and social essence of these holidays and will further illuminate the humanistic beginning of these traditions.

It was emphasized that today, in the era of globalization, turning to history and national values in order to preserve noble national traditions and customs of our ancestors and protect political and cultural independence is of great importance.

From Cyrus to the Samanid era, many valuable works were created in art and culture. Therefore, the study of the conceptual issues of the history of the formation of art, the process of the revival of musical genres, the discovery of national motifs and the study of the low-lit aspects of the personality of Borbad Marvasi and his role in the development of national music are some of the important topics that require deep comparative and historical research.

At the end of his speech President Emomali Rahmon wished the attendees every success and all the very best.

22 октября, 2019 11:47

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