High Quality, Affordable Domestic Products Will Be Showcased at the Exhibition-Fair in Dushanbe Today

13 октября, 2021 11:52

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DUSHANBE, 13.10.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – The International Universal Exhibition-Fair Tajikistan-2021 Autumn opened today in the Manezh sports complex.

The exhibition-fair will feature products from leading companies engaged in import-substituting products. A variety of goods from industry, construction, and tourism sectors will be showcased during the event.

According to the organizers, the main purpose of the event is to attract the interest of citizens to domestic products, exchange experiences among entrepreneurs, and to establish cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Visitors will be able to purchase high quality goods at affordable prices, in particular, furniture, food, clothing, silk fabrics, adras and atlas of Uzbek production, household chemical goods, and handicraft products.

Participating companies include Sanoatsodirotbank, Spitamen Sugurta, Tochfiliz, Stroy-Center, Fayzi Rasul, Amiri, Kombinati Ordi Dushanbe, Siyoma, Isfarafud, SATN, Javoni, among others.

The exhibition-fair is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the government.

The exhibition-fair will run until October 15.

13 октября, 2021 11:52

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