Minister of Industry and New Technology: Tajikistan Supplies Antimony to Europe

21 июля, 2022 14:46

DUSHANBE, 21.07.2022 (NIAT Khovar) — Tajikistan does not supply antimony to the US. This was announced during a press conference on July 18 by the Minister of Industry and New Technology Sherali Kabir.

“We have no negotiations with the Americans. The Anzob metallurgical plant produces antimony and supplies European markets,” he emphasized.

According to him, the Tajik mining sector is a unique place. More than 52% of the world’s antimony reserves are located in the country.

“We should be proud of it. Antimony is used not only for military needs, but also in the space industry, as well as for the construction of facades of the tallest buildings in the world. This is our wealth,” Kabir said.

According to him, now the Ministry of Industry and New Technology is developing a strategy so that Tajikistan has a reliable place in the world antimony market.

In addition, the republic has the opportunity to establish several companies, such as TALCO Gold, according to Kabir.

“Next year we plan to launch the second line of TALCO Gold in order to become a big player,” Kabir noted.

Also, Tajikistan intends to build a metallurgical plant for the production of antimony not only as a concentrate, but also as a metal.

21 июля, 2022 14:46

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