Delegation of Tajikistan participated in the Doha International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

24 февраля, 2018 12:11

DUSHANBE, 24.02.2018 /NIAT “Khovar”/. The delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan participated in the 13th Doha International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue “Religion and Human Rights”, which was held on February 20-21 in the capital of Qatar, the Tajik Foreign Ministry reported.

During the plenary sessions of the conference, the Tajik delegation informed participants of the event about the sustainable socio-cultural development of Tajikistan and the achievements of our country in these areas, the measures taken by the Government of Tajikistan to ensure human rights, in particular religious freedom and promote the constructive values of Islam and its role in maintaining stability and development of society, as well as about the practice of harmonious and peaceful coexistence of representatives of various religions and cultures in Tajikistan and the efforts of the Republic of Tajikistan in combating terrorism and extremism.

Participants of the conference from 67 countries representing Islam, Christianity and Judaism, taking into account the growing religious and confessional tension in the modern world, made reports on the need for peaceful coexistence of followers of various religions and cultures, strengthening and promoting the constructive role of religious values for sustainable development of society and ensuring peace and stability at the global level, protection of religious rights, and also exchanged views on finding effective ways to prevent socialization and violence committed in the name of religion to achieve mercenary political goals in various regions of the world.

24 февраля, 2018 12:11

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