Dusti District Ramps Up Production of High Quality Silkworm Cocoons

21 апреля, 2022 09:33

BOKHTAR, 21.04.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – Farmers in Dusti district were given 542 boxes of silkworm cocoons this year.

According the head of Dusti’s Agricultural Department Komil Khudjayorov, last year silkworm producers of the district produced 12,291 tons of high-quality cocoons from 504 boxes.

For the development of sericulture, in February of this year, mulberry trees imported from Uzbekistan were planted on a hectare of land.

“This year, 21,000 seedlings of mulberry trees were planted in the district. There are 487,000 in total. For many farmers, mulberry trees are not only a collection of tasty and healthy fruits, but also an opportunity to produce silkworm cocoons,” the specialist noted.

Resident of Asror Rajabov village of Dusti district Minisa Sharipova said that she has been engaged in sericulture since 1996. Today, her whole family is engaged in growing cocoons.

“This year we were given four boxes of cocoons. Caterpillars have already begun to eat the leaves. Last year, our family received 38 kilograms of cocoons from two boxes of silkworms. This year we will try to collect 40 kg of cocoons from each box,” she noted.

According to her, silkworm caterpillars need to be fed about seven times a day so that they weave cocoons.

“We are trying to contribute to develop light industry and the implementation of one of the strategic goals of the government, — accelerated industrialization of the country,” Sharipova said.

Farmers are growing silkworm cocoons in 24 districts of Khatlon region.

Silk threads are made from recycled cocoons. From one cocoon one can get more than one kilometer of thread, which is then used to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly fabrics — silk and satin.

21 апреля, 2022 09:33

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