President Emomali Rahmon Made a Working Trip to Istaravshan

10 августа, 2022 12:00

DUSHANBE, 10.08.2022 (NIAT Khovar) – The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited Istaravshan, where he opened the Sharafi Ruz diversified industrial company.

The company established by local entrepreneur, was built within the framework of the implementation of the fourth strategic goal — the accelerated industrialization of the country and the announcement of the Years of 2022 — 2026 as the Period of Industrial Development.

The main activity of the new industrial enterprise is the production of import-substituting construction materials, plastic roofs, stainless pipes, oil paint, paint boxes, plastic boxes, construction foam, and sealant.

The company is expected to employ 100 locals. In the future the number of workers at this industrial enterprise will be increased to 200 people.

President Rahmon noted his appreciation of the efforts of domestic entrepreneurs and stressed that the creation and operation of such enterprises lays the foundation for providing the domestic market with high-quality, competitive, import-substituting products. In the future the export potential of Tajikistan can be increased further more.

This was followed by the opening ceremony for the Nuri Istaravshan Textile sewing enterprise owned by local entrepreneur Isroil Yakubov. It focuses on pure cotton products, in particular socks and school uniforms.

The company is expected to produce 800,000 pairs of socks per year.

The annual demand for socks in the republic is 70 million pairs and the operating capacity of domestic production enterprises includes 73 million pairs of socks per year.

This was followed by the opening ceremony of the State Committee for National Security Directorate, which in turn was followed by the opening ceremony for the Regional Department against Transnational Organized Crime (DOC) and administrative building of the Executive Committee of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan in Istaravshan.

Following the opening of the Istaravshan Plaza Service complex, President Rahmon held a meeting with 110 orphans of Istaravshan and presented them with clothing and cash assistance packages. 

He also attended the opening ceremony of the state educational institution Republican College of Folk Arts of Istaravshan.

The college focuses on 13 specialties, including ancient arts and crafts of embroidery, gold embroidery, needlework, adras, satin weaving, carpet weaving, as well as engraving, painting, graphics, calligraphy, plastering, jewelry, and blacksmithing.

Concluding his trip in Istaravshan, President Rahmon visited the exhibition of achievements of its residents.

10 августа, 2022 12:00

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